Mayflower Disaster Relief

Progress: $1,150/10,000

Hello friends. A tornado caused massive destruction in a town near me last night. Mayflower and Vilonia Arkansas have been devastated. As of right now 16 are confirmed dead and many more are injured. I am donating all my 340K Doge to the recovery effort. If more people joined in, we could really make a difference in these people’s lives.

I will be going out there to lend my time and back tomorrow morning. My money will be going to The Van and The One, Inc, two local charities who are providing water, food, supplies and clothes to the affected area. These local charities are providing support to the smaller communities that have been mostly ignored by FEMA, the Red Cross and the media. Your support really goes a long way with them.

I am currently accepting Dogecoin donations to this wallet: DGXEeu5KpgzqAt9Mvei99LeMA9BXudPfQZ

I am currently accepting Bitcoin donations to this wallet: 17anAQtZeuGXqupRPd83NEpdK5R4wAumo7

I am currently accepting Vertcoin donations to this wallet: VhVDr1Y1SHygHecBMRSZQVNynLSdujUqhS

For donations in USD, use Paypal.

ALL proceeds will go directly to disaster relief and I will update with more news regularly

More information about the disaster: