Christmas 2013 + New Shop

Merry Christmas everyone! I hope the holidays have been great to you! My parents were nice enough to get me some beautiful new hand tools this year. After all the festivities, Matt and I set up shop in my parent’s garage/shop space. This is a huge upgrade over the picnic table at a friends house that I have been using.

IMG_0309 (Large)

This is the shop as of now. I’m pretty pleased to have a space to work! Before I was working outside on a picnic table at a friends house.

IMG_0303 (Large)

My parents gave me this pretty block plane. It works well!

IMG_0304 (Large)

Here’s Matt, my brother, trying to get a picture of the inside of our latest cajon.


IMG_0305 (Large)

A cajon in progress


IMG_0308 (Large)

Everybody needs a place to relax while the glue dries!


Well, there you have it. That’s our new shop. I will keep you up to date on our progress here and on our facebook page.  I hope many, many great instruments come out of this place. Thanks for reading and merry Christmas!


-Mike Quain