New Website and Domain Name

Hey guys! I’ve been hard at work moving the content at the old site, to the new domain and new server. There are several reasons I needed to make this move. The most important one is that my new domain looks a lot more professional than the old one. started out as my personal website and blog and when I started building my cajon drums I built my site on that server. This caused a lot of problems. People were confused if they left out the /drums part of the url. Nobody knew what a sheeves was and ending in “.me” didn’t imply to most folks that this was a website.

The other reason I needed to move the server was because while my old amazon server was fun to play around with, it was very small and prone to crashing when under a heavy load. As my site became more popular, the crashes came more frequently until I was restarting the server almost every day. The new host is cheaper and more powerful than the old amazon server.

Now all I have left to do is contact everyone who posted a link to my website and let them know the address has changed! That’s going to be a lot of fun!


In other news, I just received a large shipment of wood and will have cajons flying out the door in no time!