Multi-Tone Cajons

For the past few months, I have been contemplating the design for a multiple tone cajon drum. With the right marketing, I think a cajon with multiple tone chambers could be a huge hit. I have been doing my research and of course seeing what my competitors offer. While there are a few people out there offering great sounding and high quality cajon drums, none of them have been properly marketed (in my opinion). Here are a few videos demonstrating what’s out there.

Medium-Size Dog Cajon

This is a cajon by the builder “Medium Size Dog”. It has a great sound! I would love to build something like this one day. There are multiple tone-chambers on the inside of his drum, making all those bongo-type sounds. If you like this sound, check him out at



Here’s a cajon called the BoxKit. They have many tones although from the look of the video some are difficult to reach. These cajons are made in North Carolina by builder Josh Trask. Their website is


Outside The Box Drums – Dual Tone Cajon

And finally, here is a dual-tone cajon by Outside The Box Drums. This drum has an internal baffle with two separate tone chambers. It has a great sound! Check them out at


Hopefully, this post will drum up a little business for them, (see what I did there?) and help generate some interest for multi-tone cajons! I’m still developing my drum, but I will keep you updated on the progress here.